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Beaten, But Not Broken: Swetha Sandesh’s Quest To Have Her Own Lab

Dr. Swetha Sandesh has a straightforward message for all those aspiring to become entrepreneurs: Enter the field only if you have the passion to do something, and not just to mint money. “It’s a very tough field, and sometimes you face a lot of resistance, even from family members. You think you’ll be your own boss and that’s it, but you end up doing everything.”

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Dr. Shuba Dharmana Hasn’t Forgotten Her Role As A Doctor

Dr. Shubha Dharmana’s entrepreneurial journey in India began partly because of her passion and partly because of her naivety. “I was visiting India for a holiday and I was offered a great opportunity to be one of the directors of a chain of clinics in India. I left my established practice in the United Kingdom and decided to move here. I was naive at that time. I found out that the offer did not stand anymore.”

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