Growtherator is based on a model developed and implemented successfully by Prof Daniel Isenberg across different geographies globally. This model aims to amplify entrepreneurial dynamism in a location by working collaboratively with key stakeholders and business support organizations such as the government, financial institutions, corporates, universities.


Game Plan for Growtherator

The four key focus areas of this model are:

  1. Quickly demonstrating new growth by existing entrepreneurs through a business accelerator program. The growth is achieved via a mix of structured knowledge sessions, mentoring, peer learning, interaction with industry experts.
  2. Broadly communicating this new growth in the local region and creating role models, influencers in the local ecosystem by celebrating growth.
  3. Engaging non-entrepreneur stakeholders (academic institutions, banks, corporates, media, industry bodies, entrepreneurs) to invest resources in growth
  4. Building and strengthening local capacities to execute, sustain and scale up Growtherator

Pillar 1

Quickly demonstrating new growth by existing businesses


  • Training program on customer, capacity and cash

  • Peer learning from fellow entrepreneurs
  • Mentorship, workshops, interaction with industry experts


Pillar 2

Broadly communicating that new growth to the region


  • Communicating growth to the ecosystem 
  • Media covers the growth of the entrepreneurs 
  • Create role models, influencers in the local ecosystem and celebrate growth

Pillar 3

Engaging non-entrepreneur local stakeholders to invest resources in growth


  • Different ecosystem players participate – academic institutions, banks, corporates, media, industry bodies, entrepreneurs
  • Provide infrastructure (people, space, knowledge, support) 
  • Help with program design and delivery of training material
  • Build market and financial linkages for entrepreneurs
  • Commit time for mentorship, networking with entrepreneurs

Pillar 4

Building the governance, execution and professional capacities locally to sustain the growth


  • Ecosystem builds capacity for supporting more entrepreneurs and learning through collaboration – workshops, roundtable activities and get trained on:
  • Communicating growth 
  • Media engagement/telling stories of the entrepreneurs
  • Corporate engagement
  • Program for young entrepreneurs
  • Suggest policy-level changes for supporting the entrepreneurship ecosystems
  • Capacity building for industry associations, governance bodies 
  • New initiatives for local entrepreneurs started by the ecosystem

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