Empowering women entrepreneurs to build, learn, lead and network

Despite registering economic growth and rise in education, economic participation of women has declined in India to an abysmal 20%. While enterprises registered in the name of women have increased over the last decade, most are single-person enterprises. A more realistic estimate is that 5% of all enterprises employing more than 5 people are women owned. It is our mission to make interventions that improve Women Entrepreneurship so that at least a quarter of new entrepreneurs are women. An automatic increase in economic participation of women as an outcome of the economic development cannot be taken for granted. 

Women Entrepreneurship (WE) at GAME intends to create enabling conditions, co-create a shared narrative and to bring innovation into the ecosystem of women entrepreneurs. Women-led businesses represent 14% of total enterprises in India and are notably responsible for employing 30% of the country’s female workforce. Yet, their growth has been immensely slow. While they hold the promise of creating 150-170 million jobs in India by 2030, they are impeded by lack of formal infrastructures, a weak enabling ecosystem, and gaps in data.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Nurture enabling conditions for women entrepreneurs by co creating/ investing in new institutional infrastructure and fortifying/revamping existing infrastructure.


Our Goal

Our North Star

By 2030, 30 million women will start, scale, and sustain their entrepreneurial journey enabled by a global alliance for Women Entrepreneurship.

role of women entrepreneurship

Our Driving Force

Female entrepreneurship can power up the Indian economy and yet its potential remains largely untapped in India. Our approach to identifying program areas has been bottom up – where discovery, diagnosis of problems and data to inform our programming has come directly from women entrepreneurs, practitioners and enabling organizations.

Ways We Help Women's Development & Entrepreneurship

Programmes Policy Public Goods Partnerships

Low-cost, sustainable, and replicable pilots
for home-based urban WEs using government infrastructure/ Anganwadis as accelerator centres

Incubation model for non-tech women entrepreneurs
from tier 2 and 3 cities with local agencies/ institutions

Advancing women’s economic participation in the gig/ platform economy
through gender intentional private sector business models

Building NITI Aayog’s Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP)
as the one-stop, largest aggregator for all resources for women entrepreneurs in the country

Community Based Tourism Incubation/Acceleration Program to promote eco tourism in Uttar Kannada for women entrepreneurs

Scorecard Measuring Women Entrepreneurship
- first of its kind initiative at to measure women entrepreneurship across types of entrepreneurs uncovering trends and opportunities

Maharashtra Women Entrepreneurship Scorecard

Policy for Women Entrepreneurship- designed to harmonize
policies, schemes and financing for women entrepreneurship

Maharashtra Women Entrepreneurship Scorecard

Develop low-cost future focused, resilient business models
for urban women entrepreneurs with varied skill-levels, risk appetite and propensity to access credit

Business in a Box

Better understanding of WE market linkages challenges, pathways and opportunities

Market Linkages Playbook

Understanding different formats  of mentorship for women entrepreneurs across different points in their journey

Mentorship Playbook

National Alliance for Women Entrepreneurship
focussed on amplifying solutions, identifying problem statements and creating heft on key issues that are vital to advance women entrepreneurship in India

Alliance for Women Entrepreneurship

A partnership with MahilaMoney & GAME
to implement large scale interventions by leveraging technology to serve a single goal of increasing the income a woman can generate.

GAME has been identified as the anchor partner to take on the role as PMU for NITI Aayog’s WEP. As the PMU, GAME WE team will operate and maintain the WEP Web Portal. It will serve as a single point for accessing information and services pertaining to women entrepreneurship in India. Over time the platform will offer offline engagement opportunities, information in vernacular languages and accessibility via multiple platforms.

How the TOC can be applied in the WE context

GAME as Backbone partner

The Ecosystem

Converting women from job seekers to job creators

Join Our Team

to represent, support, and accelerate the growth of women entrepreneurship ecosystem in India.

Research Reports

Unlocking Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Women in Urban India
Gender Inclusion in Agri Entrepreneurship: A Study on Women Agri Entrepreneurs
Unlocking the growth of women mass entrepreneurs


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