50M jobs by 2030


Our mission is to catalyze an India-wide movement of entrepreneurship and favorable conditions for the growth, of both existing and new enterprises, resulting in 50 million new jobs by 2030. We aim to ensure that at least a quarter of new businesses are women-owned. We hope to inspire and support similar movements in other parts of the world facing similar challenges

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Our Initiatives

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Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum

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Growtherator Ludhiana

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Our Focus

Making entrepreneurship aspirational

Entrepreneurship is not aspirational in India and often people aspire for govt jobs that are in short supply

Nurturing entrepreneurial mindsets and skills early

Early exposure to entrepreneurship and traits is critical to creating the right mindset

Converting job-seekers to entrepreneurs

Potential entrepreneurs need the support systems and skills to find market opportunities and start their own business

Helping single and micro entrepreneurs grow

Currently, a majority of these entrepreneurs are in the informal sector, they need the right mindset and tools/support to grow

Enabling women to start and succeed as MEs.

The challenge is particularly magnified for women who require a focused, gender-responsive approach across all areas

How We Work

While many organisations all over India, are working tirelessly on different parts of the puzzle,
no ONE player can activate the full ecosystem of support that every entrepreneur needs
to truly flourish. GAME endeavors to mobilize the army required to solve
the jobs crisis, in a meaningful and contextual way, to bring value
to every last entrepreneur.

Featured Entrepreneur Stories

Apoorva Jalan

Apoorva Jalan Designs

Anand Kumar

Coach Anand Kumar

Michael Wharton


Ashfaque Chunnawala


Ankit Pratap Singh


Pavan Badlani

Celebrity Graphologist, Mindset Hacker


Mass Entrepreneurship is an idea whose time has clearly come.

Improving Economic dynamism and Accelerating MSMEby the GAME National Task force for MSME
In Conversation With Ravi Venkatesan
Increasing the Pie through Women Mass Entrepreneurs by Madan Padaki
Coffee Chat | Mass Entrepreneurship - Fuelling Change through Grassroots Innovation

Our Alliance

Partners committed to catalysing mass entrepreneurship


We believe it will take an army to solve the massive job crisis our country faces.

Ready to get started?

Upcoming Events

GAME is proud to host the Entrepreneurship Theme at Charcha 2022 organized by Nudge Forum. This will take place on the 4th of August at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi. This convening Prominent speakers from the ecosystem will participate in 3 sessions.


National Entrepreneurship Mission (NEM): Creating 100 million jobs for sustainable livelihood, Solving delayed payments for job creators and Scorecard for Women Entrepreneurship: Unlocking the potential of women.


Some of the esteemed panelists include Shri B. B. Swain, Secretary, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India), Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal, (Secretary, Ministery of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship), Ms. Manisha Verma (Principal Secretary Skill Development, Employment & Entrepreneurship- Government of Maharashtra), and Ms. Yamini Atmavilas President (Head Strategy & Research, Circle In), Prof. (Dr.) Neharika Vohra, (Vice-Chancellor, Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University)

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