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Our Vision

A thriving environment for Mass Entrepreneurship (ME) in India, resulting in large-scale job creation.

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Our Mission

Through learning and advocacy, we will galvanize the ecosystem for youth-led mass entrepreneurship at the local level, helping create 10M entrepreneurs, 50% women, who create 50M jobs by 2030.


ME is the ‘missing middle’ between compulsive self-employment and fast-growing startups. It is the bedrock of stable economies as it meets the needs of communities, while providing employment at the local level. ME is at a nascent stage in India and needs a national-level organization that brings all the actors together. GAME aims to be that enabling platform that establishes a common understanding of what works and catalyzes change in the ecosystem to speed up the time to maturity. At GAME we believe that the youth, especially those between 14 and 29, and women will help deepen the roots of ME in India.

The 'Missing Middle'


  • Government schemes, MFIs, and livelihood programs have helped create 75 million individual entrepreneurs (set to double in 20 years)
  • Experts regard the majority of these entrepreneurs to be underemployed, effectively forming the ‘hidden unemployed’

Mass Entrepreneurs

who hire or improve the incomes of 5 plus people, use local inputs or solve local problems


11% ME in India compared to a global average of 30–40%

Fast Growth Start-Ups


increase in the number of active incubators and accelerators in 2016 with impetus from government and corporates


new academic incubators established under ‘Start-up India Stand-up India’ initiative in 2016


start-ups founded by young students in 2016


total number of start-ups funded in 2016 by dedicated institutions

$40 billion

flow of funding to start-ups in 2016