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Young people aspire for security, prosperity and autonomy which they believe to find in jobs. Unfortunately, 5 – 7 million new youngsters join the workforce each year in a landscape without enough jobs. This brings about the need for a rapid and feasible job creating solutions that can be implemented immediately. Mass Youth Entrepreneurship holds the key to long term growth and development combined with the ability to pursue your dreams. By empowering and enabling young adults to be entrepreneurs, we make it possible for them to become job creators and not job seekers. 

Youth Entrepreneurship platforms in India

GAME for Youth Entrepreneurship in India

Youth entrepreneurship is a critical tool that leads to sustainable economic growth and social development while offering self-reliance to the young entrepreneurs and job opportunities as a positive spillover effect. 

While there are many incubators out there, GAME aspires to bridge the gap between the industry and the youth. GAME will achieve this by bringing in problems that the industry is currently facing and getting the youth to solve for them innovatively. Another aspect of this connect, is the Mentors from the industry who will guide the youth in the process.

What is our Theory of Change?

Interventions Outcomes Impact
Tested Entrepreneurship Programs in existing centres of entrepreneurship in Universities/Colleges
- A playbook for successful introduction of entrepreneurship programs in universities and colleges is created.

- Successful models are amplified.

- A repository of Problem statements and Mentors is created.
Youth Entrepreneurship programs to build mindsets and skills gets institutionalised across the country.
Incubation centres are setup at select institutions
- A playbook for successful incubation of student entrepreneur business is created.

- Business ideas are incubated.

- Successful models are amplified
Youth are shifted from being job seekers to job creators.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To create large scale youth entrepreneurship interventions in 3 years with prime focus on bringing stakeholders from the Industry (to highlight real market issues) and funding stakeholders to engage alongside to ensure successful creation of startups.

Our Goal

Our North Star

Outreach to 1 million youth to help build aspirations and commence their businesses.

GAME’s Role - Incubator Approach

Build Alliances

An effective way to scale - by partnering with entities with complementary strengths and similar visions.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Build a standardised tool to evaluate various programs to understand and disseminate learnings. It will also help validate programs and their impact.

Access to finance

Help programs and organisations scale by facilitating access to finance.


With GAME’s strong communication network we will be able to amplify the work of our alliance members and bring them the much needed visibility.

Focus Areas

(2022 -2025)


  • Expand to 20 states
  • Outreach - 10k colleges
  • Partner will 50 entities to leverage forward linkages.
  • Create a repository of problem statements and mentors.


  • 2 Sustainable cohorts each year across 10 states.
  • Integrate industries and funders to work closely with entrepreneurs.
  • Collaborate with 4 State Govts for scaling up.


  • Virtual Incubation initiatives with global entities.
  • Knowledge sharing and skill absorption programs to enable youth to establish and scale business.
  • Forward linkages to support the entrepreneurial cohorts.

What do the Youth need to become Entrepreneurs?

(to jump start their abilities)

  • Structured skill-based learning curriculum
  • Curated content for group or self-learning
  • Opportunities to learn and earn
  • Assessment of entrepreneurial qualities

(over a course of time)

  • Inspiration to solve problems in society
  • Mindset to look for opportunities
  • Skills to build and capitalize on the opportunities
  • Ability to make clear choices & decisions

(over a course of time)

  • Incubation of ideas, structurally
  • Setting up of formal businesses
  • Fundraising for bigger ideas
  • Scale-up through accelerators

(over a course of time)

  • Matching mentors-mentees
  • Creating peer networks
  • Introducing market connections

Our Initiatives

On the occasion of World Entrepreneurs’ Day, GAME hosted ‘Powering Yuvoudhyamis’, a national-level virtual convening in collaboration with YuWaah – Generation Unlimited India Wadhwani Foundation, and TiE Chapter Bangalore. This aimed to build collaborations and partnerships to fuel youth entrepreneurship as a viable and aspirational career path.

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