Meet the GAME-Changers

Even as GAME looks to achieve the herculean task of creating 30 million jobs by 2030, the one fundamental principle of the organization has been finding like minded partners to help achieve this goal. On this journey GAME has tried to build alliances with partners with different areas of expertise, varied geographical reach and distinct ability to accelerate efforts.

As a backbone organization, GAME works as a coalition of organizations committed to aligning their strategies to further the growth of micro and small enterprises across the country. GAME plays the critical role of finding the right partners who have requisite talent and deep experience and can help expand the mass entrepreneurship movement.

We have had the opportunity to work with a fantastic set of partners who have helped us on our previous projects like Growtherator, Entrepreneurial Mindset Curriculum and continue to collaborate with us on upcoming ones. As we expand we look to build an effective ecosystem of partners who will help accelerate the mass entrepreneurship movement across the country.

"To overcome the job crisis and tackle the economic challenges facing our country, we need to exponentially increase the number of job creators - this would entail generating a more robust growth of the MSME sector, which is the hotbed for entrepreneurship in India. GAME as an alliance of ecosystem actors (government, philanthropy, financial institutions, industry/trade associations, media, think-tanks, educational institutions, grassroot agencies etc.) is focussed on developing a more conducive environment that enables the growth of enterprises who can generate millions of jobs across the country."
Mr. Madan Padaki - GAME

Madan Padaki​

Co-Founder, GAME


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