Culture & Values

At GAME we believe in certain values that we feel are essential to ensure a free and fair work environment to all those who are part of the family.

Be Entrepreneurial

We believe that everyone should be given a chance to live their dream and fulfil their aspirations. To do that it is essential to develop an appetite for risk along with the mentality to take on challenges, head-on. At GAME we foster innovation and encourage creativity of all kinds.


Diversity & Inclusion

This is crucial to ensure we receive the best talent and have the most productive workforce. With a diverse workforce, GAME is able to further its mission in a more focussed and holistic manner. Also considering, our goal is to enable 25% of the 50 million to be women entrepreneurs, diversity and inclusion is non-negotiable.

Constant Learning

The beauty of being in a social impact sector is that we are constantly learning from each other’s experiences and that in turn forms a guideline for others to follow. Towards this, GAME has been working on creating an Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum to ensure that we are able to groom the next generation to look at entrepreneurship as a viable and exciting career option. We work with task forces to build pilot projects which can be tested and then replicated in different parts of the country. Not just that but we also conduct workshops, conferences, seminars and events to ensure that the process of learning is continuous.

Youth Entrepreneurship platforms in India

Agility & Change

To ensure that we remain agile and evolving, we have to ensure that the programs we envision are time-bound and are flexible enough to be remodeled, tweaked and revised on the go based on ground realities and requirements. Keeping the core team lean allows us the ability to snap into action without delays. But milestone checks are essential to gauge progress and ensure that we are on the right track or else it provides us the opportunity to change directions based on our test results.

Transparency & Trust:

The most important factor at GAME is the transparency with which we function across teams and all our member partners. All plans, objectives and results are shared equally and we believe in creating an environment where we are open to all feedback so that we work in tandem towards our dream goal. It is finally one GAME with several players.

GAME - Empowering Female Entrepreneurs in Rural India