Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME)


GAME intends to unlock the potential of Mass Entrepreneurship (ME) in India. Three prolific entrepreneurs, Ravi Venkatesan, Madan Padaki, and Mekin Maheshwari, started GAME in August 2018 as a backbone organization that aligns the ecosystem and mobilizes action to address systemic challenges to job creation in India. As a backbone organization, GAME intends to bring together a cross-section of alliances, partners, funders, and other players in the ecosystem who can help inspire an entrepreneurial movement across the country.

GAME's mission: Catalyze an India-wide movement of mass entrepreneurship for Enterprises growth

GAME's mission is to catalyze an India-wide movement of mass entrepreneurship for the growth of both existing and new enterprises. Resulting in 50 million new jobs by 2030, where women own 25% of the businesses. As an alliance of partners, GAME intends to operate as a capable overseeing body that supports mission-aligned members and empowers stakeholders to achieve breakthroughs in identified and defined problem areas in the nation.

As the first step, GAME raises funds and channels them in the right direction while simultaneously working with policymakers in drawing up favorable policies that will create a conducive environment for entrepreneurship in the country. GAME takes up a leadership role in helping to convene and facilitate a dialogue between stakeholders, eventually creating a knowledge repository for those embarking on a similar journey in the future.

GAME supports partners hoping to scale existing players to the next level of growth. And in the process aims to draw on the learnings from the ecosystem and existing players to help redraw the national agenda on entrepreneurship and employment to address gaps.

GAME's core areas to work are Women Entrepreneurship and Access to Finance

in its journey to achieve the end goal of 50 million jobs by 2030 is attained.


Are you excited by the prospect of solving a real-world problem? Do ideation and experimentation come to you naturally? Do you have the fire within to take an idea from its drawing board stage and then execute it on a much larger canvas that allows it to touch many more lives? Then you are at the right place. At GAME, we believe in building an alliance of change-makers, believers and doers who want to set the ball rolling to bring about lasting change.

And the beauty of the social impact sector is that we are all learning from each other’s journey and constantly evolving. GAME’s philosophy of being a backbone organisation enables it to hand-hold and nourish an idea at the incubation stage and allow it to grow wings and take flight with the support of and through partners.

Life @ GAME is a fun-filled learning experience where everyone is integral to our success story because it is finally one GAME with several different players.


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