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When Experience Betrays Age: Deepjyot Singh Sethi Has Matured Tremendously With His Business

Perhaps the greatest lesson one can learn is to remain a student of life; to keep learning at every stage, no matter what. This insatiable appetite for learning is palpable in Deepjyot Singh Sethi’s approach to his work, as well as his life in general. Sethi recalls how his ambition has altered its course over the years, but the drive for learning has not. “I wanted to become a doctor, earlier.

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The Business of Baking: Geetha’s Experimentative Journey

More often than not, people place a lot of emphasis on the big moments in life. What they do forget, is that the big moments have millions of small, seemingly insignificant but important in hindsight instances behind them. If we talk about Geetha’s life, that small, and a bit embarrassing moment, came in the form of a botched-up batch of brownies. “I decided to tinker with the recipe and not follow it to the last T. It turned into a brick. That’s when I realised baking is not the same as cooking; it’s basically a science and everything has to be proportional.”

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Beaten, But Not Broken: Swetha Sandesh’s Quest To Have Her Own Lab

Dr. Swetha Sandesh has a straightforward message for all those aspiring to become entrepreneurs: Enter the field only if you have the passion to do something, and not just to mint money. “It’s a very tough field, and sometimes you face a lot of resistance, even from family members. You think you’ll be your own boss and that’s it, but you end up doing everything.”

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