“In today’s day and age, every other entrepreneur wants to launch an app, or go viral somehow. But my advice to those entering the industry is that they must search for problems in their surroundings, and find solutions for them. The moment they come up with a solution, they’ll start being an entrepreneur.” The earnestness with which Rohit Ahuja speaks these words are enough to leave no doubt in one’s mind that he’s doing exactly the same with his own business.

Rohit is at the helm of his family business of providing corporate services, which has expanded a second generation business that deals with labor loss compliances, manpower outsourcing and third party payrolls to include several new revenue streams. His father started the business 30 years ago, and he’s carrying on the legacy. But the torchbearer is not only adding, but evolving the business as well. Under his management, Tejas Corporate Services has expanded its area of business, and included new revenue streams.

Rohit did not always want to be like his father. “I aspired to become a scientist when I was a young boy.” No one knows where the motivation for that came from. But once Rohit realised what an impact his father had made in the lives of people, he wanted to do something of the same sort. “It was his birthday, and there were some workers who came to meet him. I was surprised to see how they revered him. He had a profound impact on all of their lives and there and then I decided that I wanted to do things like my father had.” Sure, they’ve had their conflicts and squabbles, but largely they make a good team.  

If not the dream, the curiosity in science remained, and by the age of 12 or 13, Rohit was proficient in coding. “We belong to a very small town, and when I was 8 or 10, perhaps I was the only one who had a personal computer. My interest in this field grew. One day my father came up to me and told me that they needed software for the company.” With 2.5 years and the help of a developer, a 15-year-old Rohit came up with an in-house software for his company.

Rohit felt the covid pinch since 20% of his revenue comes from educational institutes, which have been shut their doors since the beginning of the pandemic. “Some of our employees, manual labourers and contract workers who work on our payroll, left for their homes in rural areas, but have not been able to return due to restrictions on movement. This affected the productivity of the contracting firm for a few days.”

Rohit says that the Growtherator programme has provided him answers to a majority of the issues he was facing. “Primarily, I was looking to organize my firm in a professional, corporatized manner for better operational efficiency. That organizational structuring was something I wanted to learn from this programme which has resulted in proper departmentalization of my firm.” Rohit’s network has expanded, which has also allowed him to add larger corporations and MNCs as his clientele.

Beside the firm and the inspiration, Rohit has also inherited his father’s ethics when it comes to work. “I’ve seen him give every client – big or small – equal attention. He’s a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to this business, and he never looks at the stature of the clent. He treats them all equally, and that’s the greatest thing I’ve learnt from him.”

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