Listening to Nandesh Gupta one can easily decipher a mantra that he swears by: To always be on the learning curve. Be it starting a business, or managing one with decades of experience under one’s belt, to learn and constantly evolve with time is the only constant, Gupta believes.

Before starting his own firm, Gupta was a salaried Sales Manager in a firm, overlooking his firm’s work in the Punjab and Haryana regions. “It was my intention to become an entrepreneur, and after 2-2.5 years of working at that company, I left and started my own business.” He remembers how in his entrepreneurial journey, the first one was the hardest. “I struggled the most that year. I didn’t have any big clients, so we pounced on whatever small business we got, but in the second year we got a big client. We’ve been working with them since the last 13-14 years.” But it’s not as if the challenges have ceased to exist. “Funding, skilled labour and good management are issues that every entrepreneur faces and I was no different. Yes, technology has certainly made finding people and funding a little easier, but these challenges are still what we’re grappling with.”  

Gupta, despite being an entrepreneur, does not want to alienate himself from his field of interest, which is mechanical engineering. He noticed that a lot of engineers are now pursuing MBA and opting for more and more administrative jobs in big MNCs, but he does not want that for himself. “Mechanical engineering is a very dynamic field. You have to learn continuously, since you deal with the specific needs of the customer as well. I want to stay rooted to mechanical engineering.”

The Growthaator programme, Gupta believes, is his practical graduation course in the field of business. It has given him a lot of perspective and clarity of mind with respect to his business. “After 10-12 years of running a business, people settle into a routine and soon become complacent. This programme has taught us that there’s always an opportunity for growth. So, I’m absorbing all the practical skills and I’m going to apply them in my business now.”

Entrepreneurship is one thing that Gupta believes is a beautiful experience that allows one to work along with a team and is an opportunity to lead them. It’s an all-round experience since an entrepreneur has to handle almost every aspect of business by themselves in the beginning, and tackling those challenges is a great experience. It’s a life of constant learning. “This is also something that the Growtharator programme helped me realise. I think that every entrepreneur should join such a programme to update myself, my knowledge and widen my perspective.”  

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