Paramjeet Kaur Gulati is a fascinating blend between a hard task-master and a friendly professional. The persona she adapts on a particular day tilts to either side, depending on the situation that she’s facing at that time. For instance, she’s pretty hard on the naysayers and those who doubt her abilities because of her gender. “Women are scarce in the manufacturing field, so I mostly have to deal with men. While there are certain brilliant people, I’ve often faced problems when some person in the industry takes me for granted since they think I’m new; or they just talk to me condescendingly because I’m a woman.”

On the other hand, Paramjeet’s philosophy for growth reflects the considerate team leader that she is. “I believe that our workers must be taken into account while making major decisions. It’s our responsibility to safeguard the interests of everyone working in the firm.” Consequently, Paramjeet tries her best to make every worker in the firm feel respected and seen. “We try to celebrate birthdays and engage in team activities to keep that spark alive within the team.”

Paramjeet started Blue Ocean Solutions and Services (BOSS) as a side venture when she was working for another firm, but turned to it full-time later on. Her business had grown consistently till the time covid struck. “Covid had hampered our business, but thankfully, we pulled through. Our customers were understanding, and so were our vendors.” Paramjeet’s firm did not make any cuts in the salary of floor workers, because some positions in the administration and management had received major cuts in theirs. This helped her keep the workforce intact. 

For Paramjeet, the growth of the firm depends on the growth of the workers. “When I began this company, I used to stay in till 4 AM to teach the workers about assembling the various parts of a product, and running quality checks. I cannot work in a silo, I like to take everyone along. Slowly and steadily, my workers have become more and more competent in their work, and now I don’t even have to run quality checks everyday. They run checks every other day by themselves, and I can trust them.” Having a very close and transparent relationship with her employees has helped Paramjeet build a rapport with them that gets the firm through thick and thin. 

The Growtherator programme, for Paramjeet, has been more about meeting like-minded and determined female entrepreneurs and creating a support network for herself. “Meeting a diverse group of amazing entrepreneurs has been the biggest takeaway, of course, other than the business principles and knowledge we’re being imparted here.” 

Paramjeet has never believed in advertising the milestones she’s achieved, but her reputation amongst her clients precedes her. They do not hesitate to call her for anything they need, and have never doubted her abilities, given the quality of work she’s done for them. “I’ve been in the industry and learnt things with time. Also, I strive to have a very transparent relationship with them.” That strict adherence to clear, honest business principles makes all the difference as Paramjeet’s case shows.