With India’s focus towards being a green economy and commitment to becoming a net-zero emissions nation by 2070, we want to create an intersection of youth and green entrepreneurship. By leveraging the immense potential of green opportunities, we can drive entrepreneurial growth and employment generation at a rapid pace. 

Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME) launched our flagship Climate Kranti campaign to ignite the spirit of green entrepreneurship and empower youth to take bold steps towards solving local climate issues and transforming India into a green economy. The campaign’s first phase was kickstarted in Pune, Maharashtra, in March. 

Climate Kranti is envisioned as a mass-movement through which we aim to create thousands of young green entrepreneurs and more importantly inspire many more young people to take the journey towards green entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs can lead the movement towards developing and deploying new green technologies, along with facilitating the local adoption of existing solutions. 

The campaign will be implemented in 5 districts of Maharashtra and GAME will work with 50 colleges in the first leg. GAME will partner with 10 colleges in each of the districts to drive participation for the program. Out of the 10 colleges, one college will host their workshop.  To ensure high impact and maximum participation, we have collaborated with Yuwaah, Wenaturalists and Josh Talks for college partnerships, mass awareness through social media, and conducting workshops.

The highlight of this initiative will be the Green entrepreneurship fellowship which is a first of its kind for youth between the ages of 20-26.This intensive fellowship program aims to  build entrepreneurial mindsets in the green business space among 40,000 students, across Maharashtra and Karnataka. These businesses will be in the fields of agriculture, fisheries, forest produce, manufacturing-green processes, renewable energy, eco -tourism, waste management, green construction, water management. We intend to guide 100 shortlisted candidates to incubate their project complete with funding. 

We are excited to see how well the youth respond to this opportunity and the ideas that come out of this program that will help solve local challenges.