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At GAME, we believe in the multiplicative force of an alliance working towards a common goal. The landscape of work related to Mass Entrepreneurship in India has several actors involved, and we asked ourselves questions such as:

At what scale are organisations currently operating? Which geographies are they largely present in? What are the organizational and ecosystem challenges that need attention? Where can collaboration be most effective? How many organisations are employing impact metrics? Which program areas are over and under-represented? What are some best practices that can be emulated? And many more.

These questions led to a landscape study that we present here.

This resource aims to summarize existing information for the ecosystem: to make data available publicly, highlighting strengths, challenges and opportunities, which could serve to increase conversations & collaborations, and catalyze further development of this space.


The study looks at non-profits, incubators, accelerators and public institutions that work directly in or close to the space of entrepreneurship. It is created using publicly available data along with several expert and stakeholder interviews, synthesizing primary and secondary research and data from multiple sources. Learn more about the methodology used for Organisations and Programs.

Disclaimer: Certain information contained herein is derived from publicly available information or information provided by independent third-party sources. We believe that such information is accurate and that the sources from which it has been obtained are reliable. We cannot however guarantee the accuracy of such information and have not independently verified the assumptions on which such information is based. We do not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of statistical data and other factual statements contained herein which have been obtained from publicly available documents or other sources considered reliable but which have not been prepared or independently verified by us.

Insights & Dashboard (Beta)

Organization & ecosystem challenges in entrepreneurship development

Organization strengths & program success in entrepreneurship development

Youth perspective for entrepreneurship development

Entrepreneurship development NGOs – overview

Entrepreneurship development NGOs overview

What does the future look like in entrepreneurship development

Funding in entrepreneurship development

Entrepreneurship development NGOs – projects geographical distribution


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This is an evolving platform and we welcome feedback and contributions of data and insights from ecosystem members. Click here to contribute.


The GAME Landscape Resource is conceptualized and funded by GAME (Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship). Sattva Consulting is our knowledge partner for this study.