A study on Women Homepreneurs in Pune

Women in India own and run far fewer businesses than in other countries.

In addition, the female labour force participation rate in India is now amongst the lowest in the world, having slipped dramatically in the last 20 years to ~23% in 2018 as per World Bank data, with urban areas being lower that rural.

Socio-cultural pressures and home care duties have resulted in a significant proportion of young women being out of the labour force, yet they are well positioned to spend a part of their day on a home-based nano-enterprise. These enterprises can flourish when women have recourse to the right support and interventions.

GAME, in collaboration with ZS Associates India Pvt. Ltd. as the knowledge partner, undertook a targeted study on urban women homepreneurs, in order to get a better understanding of the segment, and to inform collaboration and solutioning to help drive business growth.

We probed 3 areas in particular

a) What was the Motivation behind starting the business

b) What challenges did they face

c) What is the support sought.

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