Impact. We know it when we see it. We know all about how companies like Apple and Facebook have “put a dent in the universe”. Through its aim of creating 10 million Mass Entrepreneurs and 50 million jobs, GAME is working to leave its own impact on an entire generation of India. I began my 6-week internship at GAME a month ago, inspired by their mission and energized by the opportunity to contribute to its success. During my time at GAME, I have primarily been focused on our AntarPrerna initiative, which will shepherd youth through the journey to becoming a mass entrepreneur. It was certainly overwhelming to be thrown into something that those around me had been living and breathing for months. Looking back though, it was being thrown into the deep end that gave me a chance to contribute; in collaboration with the team, I helped crystalize the initiative’s overall vision, develop the specific programs that would enable entrepreneurs, and articulate how best we can implement our vision. Indeed, rare is the organization where a 6-week intern is given the chance to work side by side a director and help shape a major pillar of their work.

Working at GAME has been a true, holistic learning experience; however, perhaps the most valuable lesson has been about how to operationalize a vision. Just like any other world-changing organization, the team at GAME has taken their ambitious goals, broken it down into smaller objectives, and crafted bespoke strategies to target each objective to achieve the larger goal— like stacking Lego bricks to build a larger model. Creating 10 million mass entrepreneurs and 50 million jobs will certainly allow GAME to put its own dent in the universe. Impact. We know it when we see it.

We are delighted to have S Baskar Reddy, Country Director, Syngenta Foundation India and Director, AE Growth Foundation share some compelling insights in this month’s Guest Column.

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