Nikhil Dhand

Partner, Dhand Steel Traders

Early-bird Nikhil Dhand runs on Diljit Donsanh’s music and his baba’s special butter chicken. When he was 12, he dreamt of working as an engineer in the US and living it large. But life had other plans for him. Nikhil had a burning desire to do something for India. “The government is playing its part and I thought to myself – why can’t we uplift ourselves and live a fulfilled life here in India as well.” Although he completed his Engineering in an elective that had nothing to do with his current career, it developed in him the attitude to solve any challenge that came his way.
Nikhil started Dhand Steel Traders because of his passion to win and his ‘never say never’ attitude. His advice to future entrepreneurs is to keep pace with the digital transformation and train the previous generation as well. Know more

Growth Story

All the customers of Dhand Steels now get to track their deliveries live. After the first session on Customers, Nikhil decided to push the launch of ERP in his business, and now as another improvement in customer satisfaction, Nikhil now allows every customer to have ease of mind, by allowing them to track their orders live.