The World Bank estimates that 75% of working-age women currently do not have paid work. India’s women labour force participation rate, which is already abysmal, is on the decline.

At GAME, our vision is to catalyse the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We want to support 10 million entrepreneurs, 50% of whom are women. This will help create 50 million jobs – by 2030. We seek to achieve this goal by forming alliances with mission-aligned partners.

GAME believes that an alliance has greater potential to drive high-quality outcomes than organizations working on just a piece of the puzzle. An alliance approach amplifies existing wisdom of players in the ecosystem and builds their capacities.  Additionally, it helps direct resources (financial and technical) to work on priority problem statements. Thus, by building consensus, we can help scale solutions faster across India.

In order to increase women’s labour force participation rate, GAME held a workshop on February 27, 2020 to identify interventions that can be done in the food & beverage sector to encourage more women entrepreneurs to scale and resultantly, employ more women. As per a recent report, the global catering services industry is expected to see an incremental growth of $184.98 billion between 2019 – 2013, with 45% of the growth stemming from the Asia Pacific region.  Thus, we see enormous potential for women to capture a slice of this expanding pie, both figuratively and literally.

Some other highlights in this newsletter include a visit to the Buzz Women centre to see the impact on ground, the kickoff of the Finance Taskforce and the signing of an MOU with Deshpande Foundation

We hope you join us in our journey!

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