November marks a year since I joined GAME- a year of immense learning, hustling, emerging clarity, building a network, pushing just a little harder and working with a group of amazing people. When I look back, I feel two things most strongly- immense gratitude for the opportunity and there’s “miles to go before I sleep”!

As a small team driven by a common goal, the high energy and motivation is palpable – led from the front by Ravi, Madan and Mekin and yet, collectively we understand our mission requires us to push harder and build strong partnerships that will become a true global alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship. Over the next couple of months, our focus will be hugely on building the Alliance and moving ahead with our Task Forces.

This month’s newsletter is filled with exciting updates about a Grand Challenge for women entrepreneurs (with Facebook), building a Community of women entrepreneurs in the Food Sector in Bangalore, a wonderful report on the opportunity in Meghalaya, an insightful research report on Microenterprises in India and a few partner updates. Coming up is a Roundtable and Workshop (Designed around the Three Key Challenges Identified in the Microenterprises Study) on 12th November in New Delhi and the GAME Annual Mass Entrepreneurship Convening, Supported by Facebook on 12th December at The Park, New Delhi.

Let’s Make Mass Entrepreneurship Aspirational, together!

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