We Are In This Together

I cannot think of one person who has not been impacted by the onslaught of the COVID pandemic and therefore I find words fall short. I would just like to use this space to extend our absolute support to the ecosystem and beyond. And while our healthcare warriors, support agencies, humanitarians, governments and every human being with a conscience does everything in their capacity to save lives, we at GAME, feel the best support we can offer in the circumstances is to double down on our effort to address the Jobs challenge which has been made so much worse by the pandemic. We continue to work in mission mode to find effective pathways to enhance job creation and thank everyone involved for their ongoing effort. Additionally, we are leveraging the strong network of the GAME Alliance for the benefit of entrepreneurs to get through this crisis. Collaboration and working together with a shared purpose is now not just important, it is an urgent necessity.As the team and I continue our work- I wish everyone good health and god speed and I have no doubt there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

M. Srinivas Rao

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