game youth
April Newsletter

FOREWORD GAME is envisaged as an ecosystem of multi-faceted partners working on a common mission – to catalyze the ecosystem for Mass Entrepreneurship. Therefore, our partners are an integral part of our journey toward creating 10 million Mass Entrepreneurs by 2030. As we survey the landscape and understand our primary customer (not beneficiary) segmentation, GAME…

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game womens day
March Newsletter

FOREWORD The sharp drop in the female labour force participation is a matter of concern and has gained a lot of attention. Attempting to tackle it is like peeling the layers of an onion, where the more you unravel, the more emerges. Why is unpaid work (eg: home care) not considered in the definition of…

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game banner
February Newsletter

FOREWORD India is the youngest country: home to the most young people in the world!  It has been a reason to be optimistic and hopeful, as youth bring energy and fresh thinking to help grow the country. Over the last few years, this optimism is starting to turn into questions and concerns: will our youth…

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game 2019
January Newsletter

FOREWORD Here’s wishing each of you & your families a terrific 2019 – with all the abundance & tranquillity that the Universe can conjure! As we enter a new calendar year, we at GAME are very excited about our evolving partnerships in our effort to catalyze Mass Entrepreneurship in India. As we delve deeper into…

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Game team
December Newsletter

FOREWORD In the months since we met, the issue of jobs has become even more urgent both in India and across the world. Everywhere I go, the conversation invariably turns to technology and the future of work. However, the critical role of mass entrepreneurship in creating jobs and livelihoods is not yet well appreciated nor understood.…

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