About the Program

Xcelerator Ludhiana is a curated small business accelerator program to support promising Growth Enterprises of Ludhiana towards increased productivity, efficiency, and profitability. The program is co-designed and led by leading industry experts, past & current bureaucrats, academic institutions, veteran entrepreneurs, trade association leaders, experts from banks & financial institutions, and representatives from the local entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Program Details

Industry Focus

Enterprises from all industries/ sectors are encouraged to apply if they meet the application criteria. The program is designed for non-tech enterprises only. Women-owned businesses (where women own a majority of equity) are encouraged to apply as well.

Program Eligibility

Businesses with annual net revenue of INR 2 crore - INR 10 crore, and Manufacturing, Trading and Export Businesses with annual net revenue of INR 10 crore- INR 50 crore are eligible to apply). The businesses must be headquartered in Ludhiana.

Selection criteria

We’re looking for growth-oriented firms that are registered and fully compliant; with at least 3 years of annual filings.

Through Xcelerator, entrepreneurs
can learn how to

Address Talent
Effectively Manage Cash
Flows and Financial Efficiency
Focus on Growth and
Build Professionalism
Identify New Business
Collaborate and Network
with the Local Ecosystem

Key Features of the Program

Bootcamps to
Kick-off Program
Mentoring Sessions
with Experts
Networking with City and
State Ecosystem
Formal Sessions to Enhance
Practical Business Lessons
Peer-to-peer Sessions for
Learning and Business Opportunities
Workshops and Expert Interactions
with Key Local/ National Stakeholders

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Application details

How can I apply?

You can submit your interest by submitting this form here. After submitting, our team will get in touch with you for the next steps. All the best!

I have submitted the wrong details by mistake. Can I submit again?

Yes, you can submit the same form again. Or reach out to our team on [email protected].

Would I need to share my financial and other business details?

Yes, we will evaluate your application based on your revenue numbers and other financial details. Please note that, we do not share these numbers with any third party and this is strictly for us to understand your fit for the program.

I am an employee at a small business, can I apply to attend the program on behalf of our business?

No, this program is designed for leaders (owners, chairman, founders, head) of small businesses in Ludhiana. If you think your employer might benefit from this program, please do share it with them.

How would you select the final cohort?

After you submit all the details about your business, our team will evaluate your application and schedule a final round of interview with some of our faculty members and experts of the program. This is the final round of interviews, and we will select 20 business leaders for our first cohort.

Participation in the program

Should I be in Ludhiana throughout the program?

Yes, all program activities and classes will take place in Ludhiana, Punjab. Hence, we encourage you to be present in Ludhiana throughout the program. However, you will have access to the program schedule so you can accordingly plan your domestic travel if needed.

I want to join at a later date, can I do that?

No, the program starts with a launch bootcamp and we encourage all participating business leaders to be present throughout the program starting from the bootcamp in order to make the most of your learning experience.

My business is based outside of Ludhiana, can I apply?

Unfortunately, no. The program is designed with local ecosystem stakeholders of Ludhiana and hence, it will be most beneficial for companies headquartered or operating in Ludhiana only. However, we hope to take the program to other parts of the state. Do reach out to our team for more information.

If my business gets selected, am I assured of any investment, business etc.?

We are not an investing agency, a VC firm, or any affiliation with any investment firm. However, throughout the program you will have a chance to network with investors, banking professionals and other financial experts who can help you here. The program does not promise any direct business, but is designed towards helping you attract and convert more business opportunities.

Is this program sponsored by the Government?

No, this program is not sponsored by the Government of Punjab, but is supported by them. You will have a chance to interact with key government officials through the program.

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