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About Women Entrepreneurship (WE)

Women Entrepreneurship (WE) at GAME works as a vertical focusing on co-creating pathways to strengthen women entrepreneurship ecosystem at scale and as an interlinked department to bring innovation into women entrepreneurship across other verticals.

Our Vision

Create enabling conditions for women entrepreneurs by co creating/ investing in new institutional infrastructure and fortify/revamping existing infrastructure

Our North Star

By 2030, 30 million women will start, scale, and sustain their entrepreneurial journey enabled by a global alliance for Women Entrepreneurship.

Our Driving Force

Female entrepreneurship can power up the Indian economy and yet its potential remains largely untapped in India.

The Gap

  • 90% of women-run enterprises in India are operating under informal/unorganized sector.
  • Women are 1.5 times more likely to be rejected for government schemes.

The Opportunity

  • Number of women-based enterprises can reach upto 31.5 million by 2030.
  • Women-owned businesses are likely to generate greater employment opportunities with hired workers in women enterprises reaching to 40% in 2020 as compared to 20% in 2016.

We aim to close this gap and unlock their potential to see women become the job creators – boosting the economy and bringing about a positive social transformation.

We work with all Women Entrepreneurs, agnostic of their sector,
socio-economic standing, stage of entrepreneurial journey.

Early-stage enterprises

(home-based WE/ micro/nanoprenreues in urban areas)

  • in the ideation stage
  • validating the idea/ pilot/ MVP

Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs

(from urban/ semi-urban/ rural)

  • with or without an idea
  • with or without access to seed funding

Established small and medium enterprises


  • scale-up phase
  • expanding to other areas/ domains

Ways WE Can Help

Public Goods

  • Develop low-cost templatised business models that cater to women-enterprise aspirants of varied skill-level, risk appetite and propensity to take credit, which are also future-focused
  • Better understanding of WE market linkages challenges, pathways and opportunities ( discovery of new linkages and inefficiencies)
  • Models for different kinds of mentorship meeting the nuances and needs of different kinds of women entrepreneurs


  • Designing and measuring a framework to assess the state of women entrepreneurship across states feeding into a National policy for Women Entrepreneurship
  • Identify key government schemes that are availed by women entrepreneurs across different segments in the non-farm space with the goal of refining/reimagining them


  • Build a women entrepreneurship alliance to advance thinking, programming and action
  • Work with stakeholders to identify new opportunities and source problem statements to advance WEs


  • Low-cost, sustainable, and replicable pilots for home-based urban WEs using government infrastructure/ Anganwadi’s as accelerator centres
  • Incubation model for non-tech women entrepreneurs from tier 2 and 3 cities with local agencies/ institutions

Co-Creators & Partners

Our Latest Events

Our Advisory Board

Aparajita Agrawal

Director, Strategy & Development
Value For Women

Jyotirmoy Chatterji

Associate Director

Pradnya Godbole

Chief Executive Officer

Bhairavi Jani

Chairperson & Founder
IEF Entrepreneurship Foundation

Kanta Singh

Deputy Country Representative
UN Women India

Deepali Khanna

Vice President
The Rockefeller Foundation

Pradip Nair

Senior Advisor
Ford Foundation

Suresh Gundappa

Chief Executive Officer

Partner with us to

represent, support, and accelerate the growth of women entrepreneurship ecosystem in India.

Write to us at

[email protected]