Sanyam Jain

Sanyam Jain

My College Network

Networking with people has made me feel lovely every time. Before even knowing what the word stands for and what it means, I enjoyed interacting with people, having communications over some random topics and taking it to fruitful discussions, and simultaneously being a helping hand to that person as to what value can be provided to them. I am a third-year Computer Engineering undergraduate at PICT. In general, clubs at PICT and startups have made me delve into management, brainstorming on ideas and business development.I have been a part of 8+ college clubs, headed various events, networked with 5,000+ people during three years of college, got invited as a Guest Speaker in Kolhapur, and founded two startups and a social initiative.I am building my 2nd startup named My College Network - a college-based social networking app. A student's entire college life can be summed up on this platform. Approaching your peers, juniors, seniors, or even alumni becomes easy at a single click! My College Network will give the college students the most organized college life at their fingertips - including club event details, official notices from colleges, different interest groups, alumni networks, like-minded individuals to start something of their own, and much more. There's no need to find opportunities outside, run for those linkedin connections, send cold emails to random unknown recruiters, or talk to successful people from other colleges when you are fortunate to have distinguished alumni.This was all possible for me, as I have an appreciable network in my college, but what about other thousands of students who are too shy to even reach out for help. And hence, I want to bring a culture here (in general, all colleges) where undergrads like me can find the best opportunities and make some crazy connections in their college life from their college itself! Isn't this fascinating?!In the end, they say: Network hi aapka Net-worth hai!

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : IT and BPM

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