Tanish Agarwal

Tanish Agarwal


Tanish Agarwal, 17 years young entrepreneur from Ledo, Assam, always wanted to start his own business. Still, it took a while to create something he was passionate about enough to motivate him. He was always fascinated with designs, but he didn't ever try his hands at making anything until the pandemic hit the world and human beings were locked indoors.During the first covid wave, he experimented with different technology and machinery before finally entering the print on demand field. Soon his entrepreneurial journey began, and JP DESIGNS & PRINTS was born in July 2020.It's onerous for anyone to start as an entrepreneur and build a new business from the ground up. Entrepreneurs face many challenges in today's ultra-competitive business world. Tanish Agarwal says, “I invested around 1 lakh rupees, whereas I had saved only 30-40 thousand. But with proper planning and budgeting, I could solve this problem”.Tanish built a great company and added various services to his company. Now he is making a boom in all the fields he is dealing with.Getting their parents to support a new startup can make a huge difference for many young entrepreneurs. My parents were initially hesitant about starting a business, but they were convinced once they saw me set up everything and handle it well.Talking about his achievements, Tanish told us that “I have been bestowed with the "Global Growth Accelerator Award '' in April 2021, “Bharatiya Youth Face Of India 2021” in September 2021, "India Book Of Records" in February 2022 and "Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award" in February 2022. I am one of the youngest entrepreneurs to receive this prestigious award.Tanish says, My advice to my fellow entrepreneurs is, "never compare the age with things that one should do at a particular age. Just see the person's abilities and push them forward. Make use of every moment in your life rather than wasting them.”

State : Assam

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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