Anand kumar

Anand kumar

Coach Anand Kumar

I’ve always been a person who has always been into physical activities like Dancing, Sports, Fitness, etc. I’d always wanted to participate in the School's Annual Function during my school, but I got rejected. After my 10th, I shifted to Coimbatore and got an opportunity to participate in the school function for Dancing-- I got appreciated. I realised that I could achieve new heights if I worked harder and practised. I was part of season 2 of the Dance Reality Show Ungalil year Adhuta PrabhuDeva where I reached the top 25. I was confident, but my life situations were not so well. Becoming a Professional dancer is challenging as often, people tell me to get a job or do something “Regular”. Still, I wanted to break the mindset and live a life that made me happy from within—I chose to follow my passion.This mindset opened many doors for me as people started acknowledging me for my talent. I became a full-time Zumba Instructor and taught thousands of people as time passed.Since I’ve been into physical activities, I decided to join CrossFit as not just it makes one physically fit but also mentally. I tried CrossFit, but on the very first day, it took a toll on my body as I overdid it, but I had learned from my experience that one must get up again if they fall—I was passionate, I got up again and practised it—it was life-changing.I decided to invest in Crossfit and educate and train people to develop. I became a Crossfit level 1 trainer. I am also a Master Functional Trainer and a Precision Nutrition Coach. I’ve had terrible times as I lost my younger sister and, last year, my mother. But I had to live for them. My family and friends supported me in doing something significant, making people healthier and happier. After all, it is what we do today that we will share tomorrow!

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Healthcare

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