Michael Wharton

Michael Wharton


With a Bachelors's in Physics, one master's from IIT Chennai, and one from the U.S.A, I worked as a full-time researcher with the department of atomic energy in India. I don’t belong to a business family, and neither had I planned on venturing into one. But apparently, life had different plans for me.After I came back to India from the States, many of my juniors approached me to guide them through this process of going abroad and higher studies in general. It started as a hobby, which my friend, a graduate from the UK, and I did. We used to work out of a single bedroom in Kolkata, and now we have a fully functional office space in one of the prime locations in the city. We also have a branch in Dubai. With the lockdown into action and everything shifting to online platforms, EduAims has received a lot of international traffic from countries like Africa, Egypt, Lebanon, Europe, etc. We have received feedback on our services being cost-effective and efficient. We hope to see this venture grow into something more than just admissions advisory, which we have initiated already. Over the years, we have also helped people get into better and more satisfactory jobs. This is what we are trying to tell people if they need help to get into a college or a career, we are here for that. A thing that sets us apart from the competitors is that we are a hundred per cent genuine. We don't have any tie-ups or concession based deals with any institute. We only deal with students who genuinely deserve to be in top-ranked universities based on their previous academic performance and do not give false hopes to anyone.

State : West Bengal

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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