Ashfaque Chunnawala

Ashfaque Chunnawala


I was making 1800 a month as a Stockboy in order to support my family, and after graduation, I started working in multinational companies to gain experience and money. Eventually, I had to take up a job at a call center because of some financial difficulties that my family was going through. One day while talking to my Uber cab driver, I got an idea of putting up a car as a cab in the network. But this did not pan out as planned, the car met with an accident after two months and was put out of service eventually.Later on, I was able to find a new driver that actually helped me earn some profits, and then I even got my sister to sponsor another car in return for shared profits. And just like this, the business saw a boom. Then I was offered an amazing opportunity by Uber itself, which required me to take bigger market risk, but I still went ahead with it. This demanded me to get new vehicles immediately, and I even quit my job for this. Buying new cars caused a serious financial restrain on the business and I hired people, telling them that I won’t be able to pay them for the initial few months.The lockdown did not treat me well, I had to pay for my drivers’ salaries, maintenance, loans, etc. without any revenue rolling in. The company was in a total loss for the entire six months. Then again Uber came out to be an angel, and they called me with the requirement of five cars initially for the essential services sector employees. They also provided services to BMC for free and so on. Now I own more than fifty cars and more than eighty drivers. Today, we have an Rs. 5 Crore turnover company, and in the near future, we are also planning to launch an IPO.My experience tells me that one should not only have big dreams, but have the drive to achieve them, and they will be able to get whatever they want.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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