Ankit Pratap Singh

Ankit Pratap Singh


I was doing my graduation course from the USA when I decided to drop out for a semester and travel around Asia. I went bag packing across Asian streets and hills and rivers and learned a lot about the countries and their lifestyles. This one-semester drop morphed into a two-year-long span, and eventually, I transferred my course from the USA to Prague. Only when I was applying for my visa to Prague the pandemic hit, and I stayed in India.After spending a few months in India, I was appalled to notice that the use of plastic in India is not at all taken care of and is not treated as a sensitive issue like that in other parts of the world that I had visited. Being a youth, climate change daunts me. Like every other kid on this Planet, I also secretly wish that this urgent concern of climate change be addressed and taken seriously.I was already contemplating the idea of starting a spices’ factory in Jharkhand as this region does not have a lot of those. So, I was researching all about the cultivating and processing of spices. While doing this, I came across the packaging of these spices, which used plastic.So, I decided to make the packaging of these spices entirely plastic-free. When I encountered plastic alternatives made using hemp, I got into bringing hemp to reality as the first company in Jharkhand and currently working on R&D for Food, Clothing and Home Building Products in order to educate people and involve more minds to achieve one of my greatest goals of making Hemp Plastic. I only have one thing to say, always look at the world in your way and try to make yourself believe that it is true. Once you’re convinced, try to do anything you can to make the world better and beautiful- This is where all the innovations and discoveries came from.

State : Jharkhand

Gender : Male

Sector : Healthcare

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