Pavan Badlani

Pavan Badlani

Celebrity Graphologist, Mindset Hacker

As a BMM graduate, I chose to do a PGDM in advertising and sought after a career in Handwriting and Signature Analysis which did not agree well with me, so I decided to change streams. After some research and analysis, I decided to get into Celebrity Management. I did a reasonably curated course about the same and did an internship. The internship role was very demanding and required me to do a lot of fieldwork. The job was physically taxing, and thus I discontinued it. I thought of doing a desk-ridden job in a similar field and hoped it would be more fun and satisfactory. So, I joined the area of Celebrity Sales, but couldn’t settle in there as well and quit.After quitting this job, I started to worry and was a little anxious about my career, and that is when my sister suggested that I visit her friend, who is a tarot card reader. The first thing that she said upon just looking at me was that I am supposed to influence many people. She also told me that I could do this via stand-up comedy or corporate training. Firstly I tried my hand at stand-up comedy, which did not turn out to be something that I would want to do for a lifetime.Then I was left with the option of corporate training, so I decided to try that. I thought of starting something on YouTube. I got ready with my script, background, and tripod to shoot my first ever video about motivational speaking.Eventually, I took this venture to the next level by uploading interviews with certain celebrities that I Was in touch with before. This led to a lot of popularity and fame, so much so that I got an offer for a television show for signature analysis. I have also written a book, and I haven’t stopped from then on.I only have one thing to say to the people struggling to find their true calling, never give up!

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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