Sayantan Karmakar

Sayantan Karmakar


I graduated with a B. Tech degree and was in desperate search of a job. I toiled through eleven interviews and faced rejection in each of them. The twelfth time proved to be a charm for me. I got a job in Cognizant, where I developed software for football companies and celebrities like Nike. All was going well until I noticed that people in my office did not have complete job satisfaction, which hampered their efficiency. This got me thinking, what if I started something of my own, where I could be my boss and work wholeheartedly and be more content.I did not leave the job immediately because of the security but started working on developing software for gyms. I began visiting various gyms to showcase my software and hoped that someone would buy it.Unfortunately, no one showed interest in my software because I lacked a company name and client base. I was just a man with software, and it was not enough to get the potential buyers to trust me.Then one day, I visited this premium gym, the owner of which was also an entrepreneur and had a broader outlook towards incorporating technology in the functioning of a gym, unlike the others that I had approached previously. They initiated the deal and were willing to buy the software. That is how I was able to get my first client, and this saw the dawn of The Nerd Coders and The Calcutta Fitness Studio. As an Entrepreneur, initially, you might face more failures and less success, but as you gain momentum, you will achieve more success than failures; hence, be patient and believe in your vision.

State : West Bengal

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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