Rose Puri

Rose Puri

Skin Care Service

I graduated from FDA International and worked as a personal stylist for many celebrities. The job was very demanding and something that I excelled at, except I was never content working in this field. I was already thinking of switching career paths when I experienced hard times in my personal life. It was a challenging time for me, and I could not make head or tail of any situation.While still not fully recovered from the incident, I discovered Instagram and started posting pictures. I got a good enough response, which encouraged me to move forward with this idea of skincare. To begin with, I started approaching dermatologists myself.Gradually, as doctors and skincare science constantly surrounded me, I started developing my plan. Along with a doctor, I shot a YouTube show, and through my vision, I was trying to guide people toward better skincare. I also did a presentation for TataSky, which gained me enough fame and name.Later I was approached by a production house that asked me to do an episode for them about fashion.As I worked with doctors in the field and learned about skin treatments, I realised that I really and truly enjoy this field and am invested in working in it. I moved to Barcelona to learn more about it, but unfortunately, the entire world was put into lockdown, and I returned to India. But I was determined to do a certified course as a cosmologist, so I completed that during the lockdown. Just as I continued working in this field, I was offered a music video as the lead, and I took it.This journey has taught me that come what one should always keep growing and keep nurturing themselves.To achieve true happiness, one should be happy from within and that only comes from working on oneself. All in all, never lose yourself for anyone or anything in this world.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Healthcare

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