Amit and Shorabhh Aggarwal

Amit and Shorabhh Aggarwal

Concat Business Consulting

As an HR executive, Amit was doing well in his career. He had been a part of the corporate world for about twenty-two years and was not planning to retire shortly. Only life had different plans for him. When Amit was shifting cities as his office was set up in Gurgaon, he noticed something. As he saw the office people struggle with the initial setup of the office, which included getting in touch with local businesses that would provide logistics services to the office, he realised it to be a huge problem that has never been appropriately addressed.He wondered if an office as big as he's struggled to get everything to run smoothly. The small businesses and start-ups must be going through a challenging time then.Thus he thought of an idea that would be able to solve this problem. To do this, he needed someone else on board to help him through the journey. He contacted his old mate Shorabh and discussed the idea with him. Sourabh, a Chartered Accountant with a work experience of twenty-one years, was thrilled to be part of this, and they both strategised the plan and started Concat.Concat is a B2B Marketplace with various services. They have more than 330 service areas and have connected thousands of service seekers and providers. They wish to take this global and create a worldwide network of service providers and seekers. The fascinating thing is that it all started with just an idea. They risked their lives and careers by leaving their jobs, but it turned out to be worth the risk since they’d discovered a solution for a grave and common problem.Amit and Shorabh have one thing to say to the readers: only when you are mindful and considerate of others will they do the same for you. To be self-absorbed will never take you anywhere, and to reach somewhere, you need the support of others.

State : Haryana

Gender : Male

Sector : Consulting

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