Meenal Velani

Meenal Velani

Hiccup & Co-Founder at Oddity

I graduated in Advertising and was working in an agency for the same. I enjoyed my work, but I wasn’t content with the job. The thought of working for some agency, according to their vision and mission, for my entire life did not sit well with me. I wanted to start something of my own and be able to work according to my terms and conditions. Except, I had only just begun my career and lacked the experience and network to start something myself.A few months later, an old colleague of mine contacted me with an opportunity to join him in his venture as a co-founder, and I was over the moon. I had waited for this opportunity for a long time, and now I finally had it. We started minor at first and were only involved with small businesses and startups. As time passed, everything in the business started running smoothly, and we were in a good place. I discovered menstrual cups this time around and learned that it is not very popular in India. Even I had to get mine imported. I instantly fell in love with the product and its concept and wanted to promote its use in India.I researched Indian brands that provide these cups and even ordered a few. I observed that these products were not up to par or were not appropriately advertised. So, I decided to invest in this opportunity and make people aware of the health and environmental benefits of using menstrual cups. They also prove to be cheaper options and thus might be accessible to everyone. People can help us in this movement by recommending people around them to use the product if they have done so already. In general, people also need to normalise talking about menstruation, and this is the first step towards bringing about a revolutionary and positive change with a menstrual cup. The underlying message of this entire campaign is to increase people’s sensitivity towards environmental issues and help tackle them smartly.

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Healthcare

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