Rohit Raj

Rohit Raj


As a young kid, I have always been interested in robotics and coding. With the passing years, I developed an inclination and a skill for coding. This was enlightening as it exposed me to the plausible aspects of technology and what new things I could learn, like, web development, application development, etc. Currently, I am eighteen and have equipped myself with these skills already.When I was starting, I came upon a chance to visit a meeting and there I first saw a flying object which I only later got to know was called a drone. I decided to build one for myself and buried myself in research for the same. After prolonged research on the topic, I was able to create a drone that cost me eleven thousand bucks.After this, there was no stopping me. I realised I genuinely had potential in this field and started reaching out to students who studied the same and people already working in this field over Linkedin and Facebook. Slowly and steadily, we built a team of like-minded people and brainstormed to start something of our own.The venture that we have started offers Drones Development, Application Development, Automation, etc. Also, we have started two applications based on Health care, and another one is a Market Application.It was not as easy as it seemed when put into words. As a young boy, I was faced with a lot of challenges. Due to my young age, people wouldn’t consider my ideas and opinions severe and of use. My parents did not support me because they could not understand what I was doing. But I stuck to my dream, like a leech, followed my passion, and explored the technology industry as I believe it to be my and the world’s future.

State : Bihar

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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