Radha Sharma

Radha Sharma

Earth Calling Expeditions

I started my journey as a biology teacher at Bal Bharati School, Delhi, but I was very fascinated with using a DSLR from the very beginning.To get the ball rolling, I was gifted my first DSLR in 2012 and would Randomly click pictures. I attended a workshop to learn the basics. As I got a grip, my friend suggested I try Wildlife photography.In May 2014, I went to Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and had an enlightening experience. And from then on, there is no looking back! From then on, Photography, Wildlife, and I have become Inseparable.Through my passion for photography, I saw India in a very different and beautiful way. It was an experience I wanted to share with people so they could encounter this beautiful Side of India too.In 2019, I partnered with a friend who has experience of over a decade in Wildlife and started Earth Calling Expeditions, which plans wildlife tours across various tiger reserves, sanctuaries and national parks in our country. We focus on giving a learning experience to our guests. They learn how to track animals like Tigers and leopards and identify birds and many other creatures that Most Human beings have not seen. Apart from that, we make people visit and meet local communities whose livelihood depends on our forests. It’s a small initiative from our side to make city people aware of the delicate relationship between humans and wildlife.I'm still pursuing Teaching as my full-time job, but I feel this touch with mother nature should never be lost. In the pursuit of living, we must not forget to experience the true beauty of life. The world that I've seen through my eyes tells me that one must keep exploring. This world and all of its living beings are here for a purpose. Don’t leave this precious life unexplored-- Keep Exploring.

State : Delhi

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