Ginee Wadhwan

Ginee Wadhwan

Daughters are Blessings Foundation

I started my organisation, Daughters are Blessings, in 2013. I started it to express my feeling as I see gender discrimination almost everywhere. And this discrimination directly negatively affects women. This discrimination makes women feel that they’re not capable and feel unempowered, which is entirely baseless and false.I have been working for a US Corporate Institute for 17 long years. And in 2016, I decided to resign, and I devoted my time to my Daughters are Blessings foundation.I’ve been very fortunate to have been brought up in a family that understood me and my emotions; hence, they allowed me to live my life my way. But I have seen that in many families in India, we encounter discrimination between a son and a daughter. The Girl child Is forced to leave her studies early and get married before. This Mindset, this Upbringing, affects their life hugely and sets a strong footprint for the children’s future.By talking about it, I came across many like-minded people who joined hands with me and touched more lives. Our motive is to empower girls and women to bring out the best in them. We focus on providing fundamentals like taking care of their education. Education goes a long way. After an age, If a girl child is well educated, she can create opportunities for herself, and we have been working on it since the beginning.This being a global issue, we have received a lot of support and love, and we feel blessed to be the medium of making our daughter’s lives. Today, we have 540K followers on Facebook, and our voice has become more robust.Our fight against gender discrimination stays on. To spread awareness, we have visited many Rural and Urban Areas. Generated business for many highly talented women, funded education for many girls, etc.Join us in our movement. Visit Daughters are Blessings on Facebook and support us to make our voices stronger. And more importantly, DO NOT DISCRIMINATE!

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Not for profit

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