Nimish Batra

Nimish Batra


Being a college student in this day and age, where you can satisfy your hunger cravings with just one tap on the screen, one tends to forget to consider nutrition and health before devouring the burgers and cheesecakes. I was a part of this bandwagon until recently.While I was back in college, before the lockdown, my friends and I readily indulged ourselves in unhealthy snacking, at midnight or any hour of the day, for that matter. I came from a family that runs a wealth management company, which helped me gain confidence and pursue my journey as an Entrepreneur.Eating unhealthy snacks occurred to me that maybe this is not the right way or thing for students to go about their snacking appetite. The shops near our college also served very unhealthy food, and upon research, I was able to find out that four in ten boys at our hostel were obese. I pondered this idea and could not do anything as my academics and extracurriculars demanded all of my time.Later, when I was back home during the lockdown, I ran this idea by my father, and he guided me through it. I was determined to start my venture, NutriPanda, and thus after brainstorming through fifteen business models, I was able to find the one that I wanted to go ahead with. Eating healthy is something that I’ve always believed in. With eating healthy, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also necessary. If you keep pumping junk food and unhealthy things into your body from a young age, you will get the diseases and ill effects just as early.This journey of mine is not a very long one, as I am only 21 right now, but I have to say that one must be able to acknowledge their potential and others to build a team that will work towards success together.

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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