Shashi Jain Dugar

Shashi Jain Dugar

Soft skills & Corporate Trainer

I started as a homemaker. I was struggling to find my place in the world. The conditions and environment that I was in did not help me, but I was driven to achieve what I had planned, and I pushed for it.I lent a helping hand to my father with his business when he needed it, which was the start of my career in the corporate world. Later as my life changed due to some major decisions, I had to be financially and socially independent, which, as seen before, is never easy for a woman, even in today’s day and age. I realised I lacked the necessary qualifications to work and started to explore my options for the same. The prospect of a course in image consultancy and soft skill improvement appealed to me, and thus I pursued it.As a kid, I had always been the one who carried herself well and was adept in communication skills and casual interactions. Over time, I honed these skills enough to be a professional who can train others in the same. I have gained fourteen years of professional experience and still have a long way to go. I started in the Jain community because of the small-scale network I had initially, and then it blasted to reach different schools, NGOs, and corporate companies. I engaged in the sessions on image management, goal-setting, team management, leadership skills, dreams, body language, etiquette, communication, emotional intelligence, Parenting, etc. I am also a proud team member of Tedx Chowringhee and the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry Women Entrepreneurship Cell. In the rollercoaster of a life that I have lived so far, be it personal or professional, I have learned that one should always love oneself before others and never compromise on Self- Respect. One should be financially independent and never be economically independent stop learning in life.

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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