Manali Agrawal

Manali Agrawal

PepperSpray Studios

“I’ve arrived, but I’ve just gotten started...”Born into a business-class family provided me with everything one could ask for, I still always wished to walk my path and have my own identity. After completing my 1st master’s (MBA - Computers & Management), I acquired Diploma in Designing and started my professional journey in Mumbai. Struggling for months to land a “suitable” job that will fuel my creative side and aid me in starting my career in the field of designing. (Graphic Designing then wasn’t valued much as today) However, I then decided that I’ll have my own Design Consultancy Company one day.After that, I decided to pursue my 2nd master's degree in Information Systems in the U.S., Returned to India in 2008 and started a venture with a partner. Still, destiny had it panned out differently for me. I wanted to gain enough experience and work with industry experts before venturing on my own. I got opportunities to work with Big 4s like KPMG and Deloitte. Eventually, the time called it right, and I founded - PepperSpray Studios in 2016.PepperSpray Studios proved to be a rebirth to my career as a solopreneur, this solo venture was a long-lived dream, but it's also my baby and extension of my body. And I was ready to give whatever it takes to make it achieve great heights! Full of life and optimism, I'm a business advisor to several entrepreneurs during various decision-making phases of their journey as I keep busy with my forth-coming (4th) venture. I feel nothing but humble with my achievements professionally and personally thus far, and looking forward to so many more. It feels gratifying. To everyone struggling out there whether or not to dive, I have a few words to say to them, DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS – CHASE THEM with all your might.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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