Siji Varghese

Siji Varghese

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Before becoming a mother, the visage of my career was entirely different from what it became after. I've toiled for 14 proud years in the corporate sector in the department of sales and marketing. I've worked for many companies, even after becoming a mother of 2 fabulous boys in 2011. As I worked my finger to the bone, I realised that I wasn't spending enough time with my sons and missing their growing years. Moreover, with working for 14 to 16 hours daily, and being in a very demanding and responsible role, in the corporate sector, I wanted to start something of my own and explore the idea of being an entrepreneur.Since I was only starting and didn't have much experience or idea of this entire entrepreneurship, I was shying from venturing into something capital intensive. I decided to dive into the insurance industry, training advisors and managers, along with two partners upon thoughtful consideration. Soon, we started this enterprise that offered solutions and ways for entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and improve their growth by five to ten times. Back in 2011, this didn't sell well, as it was way ahead of its time. Many Entrepreneurs were unaware and unsure of how investing in training would help them raise their game. The business didn't grow as forecast, and thus we had to shut it all together after three struggling years to cut. Although through this collaboration, I got into behavioural aspects and certification courses for corporate training. My life has been one adventure to date, and there is only one thing that I've to say if you celebrate life, life celebrates you too.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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