Seema Khandale

Seema Khandale

Ashay Social Group

I always wanted to do something significant for society but was preoccupied with taking care of my two sons. The little fire in me to bring about a change in society ignited my desire to pursue a Masters's course from IGNOU, which was its beginning.As I saw my two beautiful sons grow up and be able to look after themselves, I decided to start an NGO upon the suggestion of a friend. In October 2015, Ashay Social Group came into being. Being a botany person, I engaged in saving the environment on the principle of recycling, reusing, reduce. We, as a group, initiated the recycling of old sarees to make cloth bags and distributed them free of cost to people and stores. This way, we give something back to society and hope to reduce the use of plastic carry bags. If one decides to use a cloth bag instead of one plastic bag in a day, they may not use plastic carry bags for at least a week, thus, decreasing the demand for plastic bags. Hence, Say No To Plastic.Working towards this goal of saving the environment, I came across the idea of menstrual cups in early 2016. This was a new concept for me which I related to quickly. I found myself guilty of polluting the environment with disposable sanitary napkins and not to mention the hole it left in my pocket. The cups were reusable and thus cut back on the money and the pollution. I got hold of the cup to see its ease of use and comfort myself. There was no looking back for me when I used a menstrual cup.This led me to start a new campaign, Say No To Sanitary Napkins. I received invitations from corporate offices, schools and colleges, and many more places to talk about this, and it was an exhilarating experience. To make this campaign even more effective, I designed a cup, Rutu Cup, and made it inexpensive. One message I would like to give would be that please avoid using one-time-use plastic products and care for Earth.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Not for profit

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