Divya Uchil

Divya Uchil

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“I took up a career in the sciences as a testament of my calibre because 'arts wasn't cool. The 'ideal choice' involved an M.Sc in Food Tech followed by a suitable placement. By society standards, I made it.But, the illusion broke, my Monday morning's will to work diminished, and money became secondary. I wondered what my life would be like if I did things that fed my soul? That's when I decided to walk my way.I have always loved writing, reading, and connecting with words. But before pursuing it as a full-time career, I needed some experience.That's when the freelance journey started. Every day when I’d travel from 5:30 - 7:30 in the morning and the same two hours in the evening, I’d write—It was felt euphoric. That feeling was unique.The money wasn't a lot, but it was as satisfying as possible. Soon, I got hooked. The entrepreneurial bug had bitten me. But to start it full-time, I needed funds. A friend suggested - Save & Invest. And in 2019, I completed six years as a part-time freelancer.What money I made, invested, saved, and planned. I gave myself a year to 'make it. Convincing my parents was a challenge, but my parents agreed. I was surprised but grateful. I told myself, ‘it’s time I give it a shot!’. I quit my well-paying job. Tanith Content Writing is a one-stop for all your content-writing requirements. We help you with Website Content, Social Media Content, Emailers, Company Profiles/Brochures, Newsletters, etc. As it is rightly said, What you write and how you write it creates a massive impact. My journey has led me to understand the power of self-investment. At the end of life, it’s all about what you did for yourself and others and how much you enjoyed it. I’d say trust your intuition and plan meticulously.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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