Apurva Muthe

Apurva Muthe

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“I’ve always liked coding and making applications and software. This one time in 2015, when the Kumbha Mela happened in Nashik, I decided to make an application so more and more people could watch the event and people who attended the event could get proper guidance. To my surprise, it was the first app ever made for Kumbha Mela—It was a hit. This little success gave me the confidence to start my own website development business. But in 2016, when I was in 11th grade, and people didn’t take me seriously, regardless of my talent, I struggled. Coming from a family who had no relation to doing any business, I was never supported or encouraged to start something of my own—But I believed in myself. After that, I scored well on my SAT, got a scholarship, and went to the US to study Computer Science. Before I completed one year, I had discovered ChatBot, which was relatively new in 2016. I wanted to create my prototype. So after I came back from my college, I’d go to Starbucks and work on the prototype. In a few days, the prototype was ready, and I sent it to some of my friends in India, and they liked it. I thought of expanding in this Ai field, but I had no money to develop my website. So, I took up a job in an Indian restaurant and the money I made from it. I wanted to expand on this, so I came back to India thinking I’d take a year’s break, but I never went back to the US because of my project, ThinkerBot, booming in 2016/17. However, I faced financial issues in the long run and had to drop the plan. Then, to get the ball rolling, we decided to start a Cloud kitchen in Nashik. But due to the underdeveloped infrastructure, we were facing challenges in delivery, so we had to drop the project also. Finally, today, at age 23, I have started my marketing agency and am doing very well financially. I believe that I never failed because I learned and made it my reason for success.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Media

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