Supriya Kabra

Supriya Kabra


“My father is a farmer. So growing up in a small town, Jalgaon, I was brought up in a completely different environment. I acknowledged this shift in the background when I got married and shifted to Mumbai. Growing up in a Marwadi Family, doing business is always in my mind. I had been doing business ever since I was a little girl. What my father used to produce after farming is what we’d sell in the whole of Jalgaon.Despite being a girl, my family gave me complete liberty to follow my dreams. After completing from Jalgaon, I completed my MBA in HR from Pune alongside my Diploma in Environment Management and a Certified trainer from ISTD.After completing my studies, I worked for 1.5 years and got married.I took up a job and started working in HR. The more people I connected with, the more confidence I gained.I was always a fast learner, and I could adapt quickly when I shifted to Mumbai. Only understanding SMEs was quite challenging. But the problem was no one in my In-laws knew about me starting a business one day, I told my husband about my business venture, and to my surprise, I received good support from him—That is all I needed to excel.After gaining a good amount of experience, I founded COSMIQUE CONSULTANTS. Our Motive is to help organisations get their maximum output by increasing their productivity. We offer HR Consulting and Parenting, Organizational Transformation, Compliance Consulting and Parenting, Payroll Management, SalesForce Evaluation, Leadership Management, Team Management, etc. My journey from a small-town girl to a well-established city Woman has taught me that Failure is a part of life, embrace it, and learn from it. To get the best out of organisations, you need to be organised. Be open to Unlearning and Relearning. Life will open so many doors for you that you cannot even imagine!”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Consulting

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