Shreya Shelar

Shreya Shelar

Kitchen Khajana

“One day, when I was clearing my phone’s gallery, I saw great pictures of food that I had clicked. I have loved cooking, visiting various places, and trying new food, so I thought, why not put them online instead of deleting them.Even though I lacked a proper presentation initially, I got a good response. People who watched my blogs started asking for recommendations.Getting a good response motivated me to try out new places and review my experience. Apart from my time in education, I’d take time to perfect my photography skills, create good content and post it.Last year when the government declared lockdown, I thought it was an excellent time to make various dishes at home and share it with everyone—It opened doors for a lot of new food that I never thought I could make.Food blogging tests your creativity from the thought process until the final pictures are edited. The more creative and experimental you are, the better your output will become—I improved over time.As a 22-year-old, I am pursuing my Master's in Computer Applications in Pune, but in 1.5 years of regular blogging, I’ve made up my mind not to lose touch. Food Blogging to me is no more a hobby—it’s in my lifestyle.I have discovered my passion, and I wish to pursue my career as a food blogger. My experience has taught me that if you spend your time doing things you love, it eventually overtakes all the other problems. I have seen many food bloggers making a successful career because they put their heart and soul into it.However, I believe holding a highly valued degree is equally important. When you do something of your own, it involves risk. Having a good degree acts as Insurance. All I have to say is competition is everywhere. If you want to achieve something big, focus on things you love and are confident in. Success will follow.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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