Richa Somani

Richa Somani

Aarav Management Advisor's LLP

“I grew up in a home where education was not voluntary. It was a natural choice that we had been taught to make while growing up. My parents always believed in Empowerment. They taught us early in life that holding a highly valued degree was a prerequisite if you wanted to live the life of your dreams. Dad ensured each of us was independent in our separate ways.He encouraged me to get an MBA since I was not inclined toward his profession. Even though I got my MBA in Finance, I realised that I was more inclined toward Marketing, so he encouraged me to pursue it during my job stint as a Relationship Manager in Portfolio Management. I gained my three years of work experience and started to think of working with him since I believed in his vision when he suddenly passed away.It was a difficult time, but I was encouraged to move on by my Mom since we had to continue the legacy he had left for us. My Mom became our support system after dad passed away. I also had the full support of my husband and my in-laws post marriage and resumed work almost immediately after delivering my baby boys. I’ve been fortunate to continue working since then.Every individual has a dream of creating their legacy. Both my husband and I realised that we had to pursue our vision of creating our own identity, and that’s when we started Aarav Management Advisor's LLP in 2015. Aarav Management Advisor's LLP is a financial consulting firm. Our vision is to be the most trusted and respected financial consulting firm by providing our clients with innovative and practical services. We’re a team of professionals contributing to our client’s success. Reaching here has taught me many things. I believe, To be someone, keep your goals intact and try to achieve them."

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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