Prateek Sharma

Prateek Sharma

Gadget Guruz

“At the age thirty-two, today I boast of having about sixteen years of working experience. Due to certain financial restraints, I was required to work from sixteen, just as I got out of class 12th. I worked through several BPOs initially, and later, I was hired by Dell at the age of nineteen. After working for a couple of years there, I joined Quattro as a trainer and completed certification as an MCSE and DCSE certified engineer. I did my six sigma there, as well. This went well until 2014, when I left Quattro to set up my own business.I loved all the jobs that I did, but as a technical expert, I always felt that there was a better way to do it. This motivated me to create a one-stop solution for all the problems I had learned about during my time at Dell, Microsoft, and other companies. But starting from scratch is as tricky as it sounds. I do not belong to a financially well-off background, and thus this damped my initial steps. I started working with a company with foreign investors, where I was heading a team of more than fifty people as the Director. I worked there for two years, and it was only in 2018 when I finally stepped out of the nine-to-five job cycle to start Gadget Guruz, my venture.All the learnings have gone into the development of this platform. We are not a traditional buy and sell the shop. We are an aggregator, which entitles us to be a platform that brings together the small local businesses and helps them reach a broader spectrum of customers and services. To all those dreaming about becoming an entrepreneur one day, I would like to say, dream big but act practically. Be smart with your investment of capital and energy, and you will find success eventually.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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