Kunsh Malhotra

Kunsh Malhotra

Tech Geeks

“Coming from a business background, I always saw it coming. I was fascinated by my father’s business and would seek opportunities to help him.My father runs a chain of hotels that allowed me to understand employees and the right way to treat your clients, which is why I've always been good with people, making me a great communicator.I was always interested in coding. One day, I was in my room. I closed my eyes and saw a vision of 10 years ahead of me, developing robots and space technology and making the world a better place, I fell in love with that dream, and I knew the only way to get out of this normal-people-life's-loop was to start something of my own. I founded TECH GEEKS 3 years ago.After I became an entrepreneur, everything changed. Starting a company at a young age was very difficult for me as I had to manage my studies. It was emotionally a setback when two members of 4 stepped out, but I had to be strong!Being a professional google coder and an analytic data specialist, I’ve done robotic process automation. I was always enchanted with the idea of machine learning. I mastered eight programming languages.Tech Geeks concentrates on growing one’s entrepreneurial ideas by building websites, applications, and various software. Our goal is to create a well-built platform for multiple startups and other businesses. We achieve this by creating applications based on augmented & virtual reality, analysing future growth using blockchain technology and even guaranteeing complete data security. Our team specialises in designing, coding, and testing out new software and systems to ensure the efficiency of our projects. We are the one-stop shop when it comes to anything digital. The key to success in any field is seeing it through and seeing it through. You need to learn to hear and understand the voice when it's silent.”

State : Madhya Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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