Anuradha Jalan

Anuradha Jalan


“Maya Angelou said, “If you have the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance”.I realised that a monotonous job was not for me at a very early stage in life. It would never satisfy my desire to explore and create magic. I have always been independent in making my own decisions and following my passion. Although I was born in a business-oriented household, my father has never forced me to fit into stereotypes. I feel blessed to have parents who have always guided and motivated me to follow my voice.I have always wanted to pursue different things at different times in my life, but I have never felt alone in this journey.As the pandemic hit the world, I wanted to do something productive with my time and cater to the needs of the people. The idea of “Bookmypresents” started when my beloved aunt inspired me to create something of my own. I was attracted by the innumerable challenges a business offers, and I had a fire within me to pave my path. Starting “book presents” enhanced my artistic skills. Being in the middle of the pandemic, it was strenuous to buy the necessary items for gifting. Sanitisation was a challenge for me as I had elders staying home, and their safety was non-negotiable. Due to low supply, prices were hiked up, and procuring raw materials was quite a task due to travel restrictions. I overcame this hurdle by social networking and finding relevant growing businesses with whom I could collaborate.By now, we have delivered over 450 products. Festivals are the time when we receive bulk orders.No two people can be the same and have the same interests.You can be excellent at something I am pathetic at and vice versa. One should explore their uniqueness. Do something which makes you feel contented. Again, you do you, and in the end, it’s your journey!”

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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